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School-Events-Limousine-MilwaukeeEnjoy a discount on special transportation for after school activities. There are so many different events planned away from school and getting students there in the safest manner possible is a concern for everyone, from students to the transportation company you’ve hired.

Reputable companies such as ours hire only qualified drivers that have consistently proven their professionalism in both driving ability and behavior.

Schedules are adhered to from the time the students are picked up to the moment they are dropped off.

Watch heads turn as your incredible student exits from a fancy limousine for the homecoming game or winter ball! Who says good grades don’t deserve positive recognition? There are several styles of vehicles that will let your student know how proud you are of the accomplishments over the past years.

What to Expect from Limo Services and a Prom Party Bus

Impressive, Neat and Clean

Confirm the quality of the drivers at the limousine service companies you speak with. It doesn’t cost that much more to have courteous, experienced operators.

No need to run a white cloth over the seats and dashboard to check for dust and debris. Your prom limo will be spotless upon arrival. The sparkle and shine inside and out will set the tone for this special way of reaching the prom destination.

Select the Mode of Transportation that Fits Your Event

Even though it’s a lot of fun for a small group to travel in a limousine, sometimes the occasion calls for something smaller or larger. How about an impressive sedan or motor coach? Mini or party buses handle those in-between group sizes while keeping the fun and special feeling intact.

Sometimes just the idea of someone besides parents driving a group to the prom or any special event makes it special for the kids. A professional transportation service will supply the perfect vehicle and qualified driver. Parents know the students are in good hands, while the students recognize the special regard they are being given.

Keep the Party Going

It’s true with any activity. One person can end the evening quickly for everyone by trying to get away with something that is against the rules. Sneaking drugs into the limo is not cool. Neither is smoking or aggressive behavior.

Only invite the friends you know are responsible to ride along with you. Otherwise, you will end up paying for their mistakes, starting with a return home and ending with a bill for damages. In the middle will be the embarrassment as you explain to friends and family why you didn’t attend the prom.


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